Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Hot Toddy

Being around over 1,000 kids at school I knew it was just a matter of time before I caught a cold…  Sunday ended with me not being able to speak over a whisper I seriously had no voice at all.  Try being a mom and having your kids to get their things together for the next school week when you can barely talk.  Not fun! 

Monday was even worse I could talk (barely) but I sounded like I had been a chain smoker for 60 years.  I texted my husband before I left work and asked him to make me a Hot Toddy.  I had never had one before and fully expected it to be disgusting.  While it was not my favorite drink ever, it was soothing and didn’t taste half bad. 

So I sat drinking my HT, rubbed down from head to toe (literally) with vicks vapor rub and realized that I smelled exactly like my great grandmother.  I remember going to her home to visit her and the smell would over power you as soon as you opened the door.  I remember her LOVE/OBSESSION with Elvis and this huge oval shaped brown rug that was in her living room. 

I’m not sure which helped more but I feel MUCH better today than I did yesterday and that is a HUGE blessing.

1 cup of hot water
1 TB honey
¼ of a lemon
3 whole cloves (left this out because we didn’t have any)
½ of a cinnamon stick

1 ½ ounces whiskey (we used honey whiskey)