Monday, October 3, 2016

Menu for 10-3 to 10-9

Pretty sure I am dying, at least that is how it feels.  I don’t necessarily feel awful BUT my voice is nearly gone and I spend most of my day talking with parents, kids, and answering the phone.  I think I might actually be scaring some people because I sound so bad. ;-)  Thankfully other than the voice I am fine.  Anyway, with that being said we will probably take it pretty easy this week on meals.  I need some time to relax.

B- Doughnuts
L- Sandwiches
D- Cheeseburger Soup and Crackers

B- Bacon and Eggs
L- Cheese and Crackers
D- Cheesy Chicken and Potatoes, Broccoli Salad, and Biscuits

B- Cereal
L- Pepperoni Skewers
D- Cheesy Taco Sticks (NR), Spanish Rice and Corn

B- Pancakes
L- Sandwich
D- ?

B- Breakfast Bar
L- “Sushi Roll”
D- Amish Country Casserole (NR), Broccoli Rice Casserole, and Cornbread

B- One Eyed Sailor
L- Egg Salad on a Croissant
D- Eggs, Bacon, Hash Browns, Biscuits

B- Cinnamon Rolls
L- Out

D- Leftovers