Monday, February 13, 2017

Grossest Post Ever (Removing Moles)

This will probably be the weirdest and grossest post I will ever make.  However, I want you all to know about this awesome home remedy.  I have a few moles on my body that make me feel very insecure about myself.  While they aren’t huge and are in places that people normally won’t see I always feel like people are staring when I have my swimsuit on. 

I have wanted to have them removed forever but couldn’t justify spending the money, it is pretty pricey from what I have been told.  So I decided to look into some home remedies.  The first one I tried was using tea tree oil and while it worked it took a couple of weeks.  The process was slow and only worked when I used the Doterra oil.  Young Living and the pharmacy brands had no effect.

Since I wanted to try something that might work a little faster I kept researching and found that apple cider vinegar is supposed to remove them.  Let me say now that this stuff is amazing.  The tea tree oil worked but it took awhile, the apple cider vinegar was super quick.  I was able to remove two moles on my back in less than a week.

So, I know you are all hooked and wanting to know how this process works.  What I do is get a cotton pad (the kind for removing make up) cut it into fourths.  I pour some ACV on the pad and then secure it to the mole with a band aid or medical tape.  I tend to do this when I get home from work and then change it out again before bed time.  After a few applications the mole will start to change colors and you will notice that it has begun to shrink.  If you are diligent you can reduce the size in a day or two and have it completely gone in three days! 

Give it a try the crazy smell is definitely worth the results.