Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Spring Break 2017 Day 1

One of the most important things to our family is traveling together.  I grew up doing a lot of traveling and have seen so many amazing places and want to share that with my kids.  My husband didn’t really travel much growing up but since we got married has been more places than most grown adults. 

We are very blessed because my parents have several vacation homes plus they also have time shares so when we go on vacation we are typically able to stay for free.  That means all we really pay for is transportation, food, entertainment and souvenirs. 

This year we decided to spend spring break in the Pocono mountains.  Our family was able to see many historic sights, explore a ton of amazing tourist attractions and eat some wonderful food!  Plus, we were in a freak snowstorm which was kind of neat.

So, the first stop on our trip was Dallas while this isn’t necessarily exciting I feel like it needs to be added so that we can remember the whole trip.  Phillip left work a few hours early on Thursday, so as soon as I was done working we hit the road. 

The main reason we stayed in Dallas was so that we wouldn’t have to leave our house super early to catch our flight the next morning.  There are very few things more miserable than flying with exhausted kiddos. 

Since we got to Dallas fairly early we stopped at the Half Price Book Warehouse (one of my favorite stores) and then headed to Blue Mesa for an AMAZING dinner.  If you have never been to BM I highly suggest you go…  I consider it “healthy” Mexican food.  Here are a few pictures from our first night of vacay!

Jacob reading on the drive to Dallas.  He isn’t a big reader so this deserved a picture.

Phillip wanted extra green sauce so our waiter made his special recipe.

Belle, "mommy just put that I love food".

He LOVED this rice!

My picky eater enjoyed his quesadilla.

Apparently, I was so busy taking pics of everyone else’s food I forgot to take a picture of mine.  I can however assure you that it was very tasty.

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