Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Spring Break 2017 Day 2

On our second day of vacation we got up super early and headed to the airport.  One of my favorite things about staying at the hotel the night before is that they shuttle you right to your gate.  It is so much easier to have them drop you off than to try and park at the airport and then take one of their buses that stops at EVERY single gate.  Plus, crazy enough it was cheaper for us to stay at a nice hotel and have them take us than it would have been to park at the airport.  It was a win win! 

Once we got to the airport we got our tickets, checked our bags and headed to security.  Jacob’s bag set off the alarms and so we had to wait while they searched all his worldly treasures.  The culprit was a little pouch filled with erasers!?!?  It is beyond me as to why he had a bag of erasers… but he did.

Our airplane from DFW to Philadelphia was wonderful.  We don’t fly too terribly often we prefer road trips but when we do, we typically fly Spirit.  This time the way it worked out American Airlines was significantly cheaper so we went with them and the kiddos were thrilled. 

The first thing they noticed was that there were screens on the backs of all the seats.  We watched movies and played games with no extra charge!  Honestly every plane should have these tablets, none of the kids fussed or whined at all.  Such a quiet peaceful ride!    

Second the kiddos loved that the seats were bigger so they had a little more room to move.  Who doesn’t want more room?  Life is so much easier when you aren’t squished into a teeny tiny seat.

Third they loved the free drinks.  On other airlines, they charge you for everything but the kiddos were able to get orange juice and sodas without paying so they were thrilled.  Our kiddos weren’t too thrilled with the crackers for snack but we ended up getting a cheese plate and a couple cans of Pringles so they were quite content.

The best part of the whole plane ride was when Nathan got up to go to the restroom.  I know this normally wouldn’t qualify as anything special BUT when he was in the restroom we hit the only turbulence of the whole trip and it was pretty bad.  The look on his face when he got back to his seat was priceless.

When we landed, we grabbed our suitcases and hopped on the shuttle to get our rental car.  The process went smoothly despite the insane amounts of snow pouring from the sky.  I had told hubby before we left Dallas to wear pants but apparently, his shorts were more comfortable so he wore those.  As soon as we had our car we stowed our suitcases in the trunk, I climbed in the driver’s seat we all buckled up and hit the road. 

Our first major destination for the trip was NYC.  The kids have been begging to go forever and while our resort was in the Pocono mountains we decided to go up a day early and spend some time in the Big Apple.  As soon as we found our parking garage we grabbed the suitcases, ditched the car and set off for the hotel which was only a few doors down. 
Since we arrived in NYC so early our rooms weren’t ready yet but we were able to leave our bags so that we could go explore.  

The first stop on our list was Central Park.  The kids had recently watched Balto and Jacob was determined to see the Balto statue.  We are also HUGE fans of Jessie and so the kiddos were thrilled to see the playground that was used when the show was being filmed.

This made Jacob's day!

While in Central Park we also did a carriage ride… you can’t go to Central Park and not ride in a carriage!!!  It was neat to see all the little things that we missed while walking.  It was sooooooo cold though!

After CP we went to a restaurant that I had been researching a bit.  While it was a little early for dinner I am glad we went when we did because as we were leaving there was a line around the block.  Ellen’s Stardust Diner is a really neat little place where all the waiters/waitresses are aspiring Broadway stars so they sing and dance while you are eating.  The meal was slightly overpriced for what we got but the experience made it worth it.

The best way to see Times Square is at night.  It is a great place during the day but the real beauty is when it gets dark.  It’s amazing how magical it becomes when the sun goes down.  Luckily it got dark fairly early and we were able to walk through TQ with the kiddos.  Of course, while there we had to stop at the Disney store and the M&M store.

On the way to Ellen’s we had ducked into a couple of neat little places and picked up some goodies that we would snack on later that night when we were back in the hotel.  As I am sure you can guess we fell asleep pretty early.  When you wake up at 3:30 for a flight and then spend all day being a tourist you are exhausted.

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