Monday, March 27, 2017

Spring Break 2017 Day 5

The next day we ended up going to a meeting in the morning.  We were told it would be a 90 minute session about how to use our points better (when I say our I mean my parents).  We have done these things before but were told that this wasn’t to sell us anything but to help us know how to use the system.  We were also assured that it wasn’t a high pressure sales event.

However, it was all the things they promised us it wouldn’t be!  We were there over 4 hours and anytime we tried to leave they cornered us.  It was extremely high pressure and the people got VERY nasty with us when we informed them multiple times we weren’t buying.  I might have left the place in tears because it was so bad.

Since we didn’t leave till well after lunch all the plans we had for that day were ruined.  We decided to make the most of it though and drove to an outlet mall nearby to have a LATE lunch and do some quick shopping.   

Several years ago, we had eaten at a Johnny Rockets on a cruise ship we were on.  Since we don’t have them close to home I might have insisted that we go there.  The food was wonderful and the server was great.  She helped to improve my mood.

Since we were starving we got an appetizer!

After lunch, we went to several of the kids stores in search of thicker jackets.  When we had checked the weather before leaving home it was predicted to be in the 50’s and fairly sunny.  The week before had been 70 degrees BUT somewhere along the line there was a slight change of plans.  
We were in for a freak snowstorm the next day.  Since they hadn’t had much snow that year all the stores had clearanced out their jackets in January, except North Face and I wasn’t about to spend six hundred dollars on kids jackets.

Once we wrapped up our fun shopping trip, we ran to Wal Mart to stock up on a few things just in case the storm got as bad as they predicted.  Luckily, we already had the most important thing CHOCOLATE, so we got a few more necessities.  We got 3 bundles of firewood, chips, sandwich goodies and Dr Pepper!!!  Oh, and we found gloves for the kiddos.  We were prepared… kind of.

I almost forgot to include this, but we decided to also check out the Shawnee General Store which was disappointing and then we drove over to a vineyard.  I did a wine tasting and Phillip had one of their brews that they keep on tap.  The kids enjoyed it because we let them play outside in the “snow”, while we were inside.

When our wine and sightseeing trip was over we headed towards the resort but made a slight detour to drive through one of their state parks that was less than 5 minutes from where we were staying.  The waterfalls were iced over and looked gorgeous!

Finally back at the resort, we hung out for a bit before walking to the resort restaurant for dinner.  The walk over was nice and while it was about a mile away it was an easy walk.  The restaurant wasn’t crowded so we were able to get seated quickly and our food was brought out fairly fast also. 

The Gem and Keystone was by far our most favorite meal of the whole trip.  The food was well prepared, presented well, very reasonably priced, and most important was DELICIOUS.  I gave hubby a bite of my chips and he was jealous.  In fact, he might have mentioned those things the rest of the trip.

Good gracious these were AMAZING.  My mouth is watering just thinking of them!!!

After dinner, we walked back to our room got laundry sorted so that we could wash a few things the next day and then went to sleep.  We had big dreams about this snowstorm we were anticipating and it did not disappoint us.

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