Friday, March 24, 2017

Spring Break 2017 Day 4

On our first day at the resort we decided to visit Hershey Pennsylvania, it is a short 90ish minute journey from where we were staying.  The trip seems even faster because of the gorgeous scenery you pass while driving. 

While I was driving, hubby looked up Milton Hershey, we were curious about his story.  That man was fascinating and extremely generous.  He started a school for orphans and even gave Mr. Reese (think PB cups) the money to start and run his business as well as the ingredients to make it happen.  Later when it became a success he bought it from him. 

One other interesting fact is that Mr and Mrs Hershey were supposed to sail on the Titanic but two weeks before they were to set sail he got called home on business.  Can you imagine the world without Hershey chocolate?

As soon as we arrived in town we headed to Chocolate World.  We got an AMAZING parking spot since we got there when they first opened.  My original intention was to just do the free stuff and head out but once we started looking at it for the five of us to do a package it was less than $175.  All the people who worked at Hershey were wonderful.  Everyone went out of their way to be friendly and helpful, plus the place was super clean. 

Our first event they booked for us was a 4d movie, our kids loved it because the characters actually called them by name.  What kid doesn’t like being famous?  I liked it because we got a free candy bar at the end of the show. 

Next, we went to the trolley which we all LOVED.  The amount of history we learned about the town itself as well as about the school was amazing.  The school has grown so large that it houses 2,000 kids per year and has 15 billion dollars in assets.  They currently run off the interest alone and still receive 30 percent of the profits from the sale of Hershey candy.  Here is an astounding fact, all the kids who graduate high school have some sort of trade and 90 percent of them go on to take college courses.  Another great thing about the trolley was that we were able to sample four different chocolates and at the end they gave us a full-size Hershey bar.

After the trolley ride we had a quick break so we decided to grab some lunch.  The food court at Hershey World is quite expansive and there are several different places to choose from.  We all enjoyed our food and didn’t find it toooooooo insanely priced considering it was a tourist attraction. 

These kabobs were delicious!

Phillip devoured his sandwich.

Belle was less than thrilled with her soup.  I think mainly because it was slightly different from mine.

Nathan really enjoyed his chicken sandwich.

Jacob said the nuggets were the best but I might disagree the macaroni was pretty tasty.

When we had finished our lunch, we had a couple of extra minutes so the kids played a basketball game with Reese where they again got free candy.  The chocolate they were given was out of this world and we might have bought a box to take home with us.

Next, we went to the make your own chocolate bar adventure.  The kids loved getting on the screens and picking what they wanted in the chocolate.  They also enjoyed the process of watching it being made on the conveyor belt.  It is amazing how quickly they can make a large piece of candy.  We all liked that near the end of the process we could design our own box to put our candy in.

After we made our own chocolate we got to learn how to taste chocolate.  Isabelle especially enjoyed this and later made her own video telling people the correct process for a tasting.  During the tasting, they gave us each 4 small pieces of chocolate and some nibs.  Needless to say, no one necessarily enjoyed the nibs… they are beyond bitter.

As soon as that was over we went and did the free ride.  The ride was neat because it showed you the process it takes to make the chocolate.  There are a ton of steps and all must be done perfectly.  At the end, we were given another free chocolate.

Lastly, we did one of my favorite things we went shopping.  The amount of chocolate we left with was unreal.  The only problem was figuring out how to get it all home.  Luckily our suitcases were about 40 pounds under on our trip to Philadelphia so I had a little room to spare.

This super cute kid was in HEAVEN!

That night we stopped at a random diner for dinner and while the food was decent we were the youngest people in the joint.  I think the older people liked it because every meal came with all you can eat salad bar and soup.  

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